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  • Welcome to Akash Restaurant

    We provide best quality food

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    We don't compromise about food quality

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    We provide best quality and tasty food

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Welcome To Akash Restaurant

We provide best quality food

Chef's Specials

Massala Dishes

These dishes are cooked in the clay oven and then cooked in a specially prepared sauce. Rice not included.

Chicken Tikka Massala£7.35
Lamb Tikka Massala£7.35
Tandoori Makhon Chicken£7.55
Tandoori King Prawn Massala£10.55
Vegetable Massala£5.65

Passanda Dishes

These dishes are cooked with mild spices, various nuts and fresh cream. Rice not included.

Chicken Passanda£6.25
Lamb Passanda£6.25
Prawn Passanda£6.25
King Prawn Passanda£8.45
Chicken Tikka Passanda£7.35
Lamb Tikka Passanda£7.35
Vegetable Passanda£4.75

Korai Dishes

These dishes are well spiced and cooked with fresh onions, capsicum and tomatoes in a thick sauce.

Korai Chicken£6.45
Korai Gusth (Lamb)£6.45
Prawn Korai£6.45
King Prawn Korai£8.65
Chicken Tikka Korai£7.55
Lamb Tikka Korai£7.55
Vegetable Korai£4.75

Akash Specialities

(24 hours notice & small deposite required)

Kurzi Lamb (for 4 persons)£59.95
Kurzi Chicken (for 4 persons)£41.75

These dishes are cooked with freshly ground spices and prepared in a slow cooking method, in order to make the meat nice and tender and to bring out the most unique flavour.

Thali Dishes

Meat Thali£9.75
Chicken Thali£9.75
Mixed Thali£9.75
Vegetable Thali£6.75

Customer Feedback

  • We eat here or takeaway nearly every week. Staff are always polite and food is excellent. Would recommend this popular restaurant.

    - J Julie

  • We have been frequenting this restaurant ever since I was just out of nappies! Can't say that there is any other best Bangladeshi cuisine in the UK to eat at! Value for money, lovely service and good tastes just lovely!

    - Claire Crouch

  • Jan and I have been going to the Akash regularly for at least 15 years. The atmosphere is relaxed and the welcome is always warm. The food is great and it is excellent value. We go there whenever we don't have anything else on a Friday night and it is a great way to unwind from the week. We feel so comfortable there it is almost like home. The only down side is that the food is so satisfying that I always eat too much!

    - G Quentin

  • I must add my comments to all of the good ones here. Good value, great service, friendly staff and reasonably priced. We eat here at least once a month. The quality is consistent and they are always please to see you. Try the house Red. £9.95 for a 1 litre carafe. Great value. For those who have complained about takeaways I would collect rather than wait for delivery. Tip - unless you want to be in and out quickly order you popps and browse the menu for a few minutes before ordering. You won't then get your meal before you have finished your popps.

    - C Stuart

  • Visited the Akashi as a family group. We had an excellent meal in relaxed surroundings. The food was really fresh and beautifully presented. The restaurant has been give a new look which combines the traditional with the new- it all works perfectly.

    - P Nick